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Yin Yoga & Sound Journey

November 9th 2019


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Yin Yoga

Our Yoga Practice consists of two parts. The first one is a short and dynamic dedication to the sun. The sun gives life, light and strength, these are powerful values in Yoga. In this part we will be guided through the Asanas in dynamic, energetic flow in the rhythm of the live played instruments and Pranayama breathwork.

In the second part we honor the moon and flow from Yang to Yin, staying in the asanas longer than usual, sending our breath and attention deep into the body.

Live soundscapes and spoken poetry are helping to hold the energy of the asanas and guiding you deeper into your physical and energetic body, helping you to dive into the silence and tranquility of Yin Yoga.

Sound Journey

Traveling distant lands we discovered resonance, magical aromas, instruments and words. We connected to landscapes and eternal moments to learn from them. We guide to those places in powerful waves of sound, scent and lyric. We make time disappear and dive into the eternity of the present moment. Dare if you do not fear the deep water.

We create a Sound Journey featuring crystal singing bowls, gong, guitar, shamanic drums, sansula, planetary chimes, brain entrainment frequencies (binaural beats, isochronic tones) and many more instruments.

*Doors open: 7.45 pm
*Session Starts: 8.15 
*Duration: 2,15 hr (incl. teatime)
*Reservation Fee: 35€ / Box Office: 37€


What others say about our work

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Jessie J. (Berlin)

“Das Soneiro Collective schafft es immer wieder mit großer Hingabe und Sorgfalt besondere Veranstaltungen/Retreats/Meditationen/Yoga Sessions zu kreieren. Auf der Grenze zwischen Kunst und Achtsamkeitsschulung haben sie eine sehr eigene, tiefgehende Philosophie entwickelt, welche immer bei allen Events mitschwingt. Musikalisch und spirituell, aber nicht nur – vor allem immer auch menschlich und nahbar geht es darum eine erhöhte Sensibilität zu entwickeln und ein tieferes Verständnis zu erlangen, zu wachsen. "

Your Facilitators

Learn more about your Soneiro Team for this session by clicking on their images below.

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Yin Yoga & Sound Journey

Yin Yoga & Sound Journey on Nov. 9th 2019.
This event will be held at
Yoga Sky Berlin.
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Yin Yoga & Sound Journey on Nov 9th 2019.
This event will be held at
Yoga Sky Berlin.
Learn more about the Event here
taxes and service fees are included in the price*

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A Day at the retreat

8:15  - Tea & Fruits

8:30 - 10:30  - Meditation & Vinyasa Yoga

10:30 - Breakfast

11.00 - Free Time

14.30 - Lunch

17:00 - 18:30 - Yin & Yang Yoga + Breathwork

19:00 - Dinner

20:30 - 21:30 - Mantra Singing & Medicine Songs


Impressions from our last summer
retreat at the Baltic Sea



The mystical mansion on the Baltic Sea is a beautiful, 300-year-old clay-half-timbered house in a huge park-like garden with majestic trees, located in the slightly hilly landscape of the Mecklenburg Baltic Sea coast. Find peace and quiet in the magnificent nature. The house provides us many communal areas which guarantees a lot of space and comfort during our week. 30 minutes walking from the baltic sea beach (10 minutes by car).



Our nutritionists are creating fresh vegetarian and vegan meals every day influenced by the ayurvedic teachings. If you have any allergies or dietary wishes you can let us know when you book your space.



 Olive B.

" I was lucky enough to go on the 'SOL' 4 day retreat in Mallorca this April (2018). I had such a wonderful time and I would highly recommend both Alisa and Temple and the whole Soneiro Collective for their ability to hold space and work dynamically with people. Working with old and new practices alike they bring a refreshing yet deep, thought provoking space to learn, practice and grow. "

Jil Z.

“ I was at their Baltic Sea retreat and it was so so beautiful… with lots of yoga, meditation, sharing circles, music, mantra singing, nature & rituals...✨ I love Alisa Portuondo’s holistic approach to mindfulness and spirituality and can highly recommend her work!!

I support them because I know how valuable and important these techniques and experiences are “

Soneiro Team


We hold our retreats with a very experienced team of four to five members, including

Alisa (Yoga and Meditation Instructor), Temple (Yoga Teacher and Sound Designer), a Nutritionist and our lovely assistants.

We are a team of experts in our fields, which is why we bring substantiated depth, academic knowledge, and a precious treasure trove of experience and artistic aesthetic in each detail of the retreat.

Read more about our team below.




Alisa Reimer

Yoga Teacher + Cultural Scientist

Alisa is trained yoga and meditation teacher, cultural scientist and artist. In Mexico she studied indigenous cultures, literature and theater; learned from different indigenous cultures, wrote as a freelance journalist for german and Mexican magazines and made her yoga teacher training. In Berlin she founded the non-profit organization YOGA FOR OTHERS e.V. to bring yoga and meditation to the people in need. In 2016 she opened the space for Soneiro Collective. Her current researches at Humboldt Uni Berlin about shamanistic and buddhistic practices she brings into the different sessions she is holding. In her work a will to create something truly mind opening brings together her diverse interests and therefore invites to experience the magical connection between art, science and consciousness.

Temple Haze

Yoga Teacher + Sound Designer

Temple is an American born singer/songwriter and composer based in Berlin. Known for his composition work and collaborations with various Berlin based artists such as Sam Shure , Narou and Oliver Koletzki , Temple also dives deep into sound design, film score composition, brainwave entrainment frequencies, meditation, pranayama breath work and ancient mantras; bringing the underground Berlin music scene and spirituality together in harmony. As co-founder and musical director of Soneiro Collective he holds space for music meditations and mantra singing circles portraying the best of his universal knowledge and empathic feeling for music. In March 2019 Temple released his Reflections EP - Listen to it HERE. You can also hear his debut EP "Anotherside" - Listen to it HERE - and check out his official website to learn more.


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Marrit Vos


Marrit is a Dutch nomadic caterer, based in Berlin. After her studies in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences in Amsterdam she became intrigued by inner work, yoga and holistic healing methods. She completed a yoga teacher training in India for her own practice and kept on learning about how nutrition can be supporting and complementing a happy and healthy state of being.

In her kitchen, she combines spices, herbs and traditions from all over the world. Her food is festive, nourishing, packed with love and leaves you energised. Marrit´s curious mind helps her find clever solutions for a wholesome plant based diet, that she will share with you during the retreats. 



Retreat Date: July 15 - 19, 2020

The retreat fee includes accommodation, program, workshop material and vegetarian/vegan cuisine.  We provide yoga mats, blankets and meditation props. Transport is not included. The normal price is for a 3er room (3 Beds- man and women seperate). For an additional price of 50€ pP you can book a double room. Please be aware that we can just respect your room wish with the given availability. First come, first serve. We can´t guarantee single rooms, just in case a room stays free, we can provide that (will announce that one week before the retreat).


For 4 nights in the Holthof, bedsheets, towels included + 3 meals a day = 350€

Your Soneiro team: experienced yoga and meditation teachers, musical experts, creating and hosting your experience :) = 340€ - 420€


  • EARLY BIRD : 690€

  • NORMAL FEE : 770€

  • DOUBLE ROOM: 50€ P.P.

Double Booking Deal - Book with a friend and receive 40€ off the normal price*


Our retreats fill up quick so do not hesitate to contact us if you want to journey with us. You can leave your data in the form below. If you are interested we will send you all the necessary information about the retreat, prices, conditions etc. Please fill in the form below to get in Contact with us. We are excited to meet you!

For your Booking you will receive a simple application form that you send back and as soon as your deposit (min. 50 % of the fee) is done, your spot is safe. Before each retreat we are sending out a sheet with all the necessary information.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Our participants are organising their transport by themselves, however we are always giving the opportunity to the participants to connect before the retreat, so you can easily find a travel partner- by car or public transport. After your booking you will receive travel information (for public transport etc.). The address of the retreat location is:

Bastorf, DE

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