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Sound Meditation Training

35hr Training Certification


Sound - Resonance - Meditation

Explore the sonic world. Learn to work with therapeutic instruments.
Discover how sound affects our mind, body and soul.


At the root of all power and motion, there is music and rhythm,
the play of patterned frequencies against the matrix of time,
Before we make music, music makes us.
George Leonard -

Explore The Sonic World


The Soneiro Sound Meditation Training is a registered continuing education course and a unique introduction to the world of sound, ceremony, meditation and how we interpret the sonic world.

You will learn practical knowledge and techniques that you can then integrate into your daily life and yoga & meditation practice.

We give space to a multidisciplinary search of artistic self-expression, and personal development.

We will dive deep into sound therapy and sound healing - learning both practical and theoretical knowledge, along with the connection to yoga and meditation.



Is this training for you?

Do you feel the calling to create music and sound experiences?

Do you want to explore sound therapy and expand your knowledge of how sound affects the mind - body - soul?

Do you want to learn how to hold space for sound ceremonies?

Are you interested in deepening you knowledge of sound healing instruments and learn practical techniques of their use?


Our Sound Meditation Training is tailor made for yoga teachers, musicians, healers, sound enthusiasts, audiophiles and seekers on the spiritual path.

If you would like to understand how sound, music and mindfulness
connect and effect our life then this course is for you.

What you will learn

  • Theoretical knowledge

    • Introduction to frequency and harmonic theories

    • Introduction to Yogic Philosophy

  • Practical & Musical Knowledge

    • How to use metal and crystal singing bowls, shaman drums,
      gong, planetary chimes and other sound healing instruments

    • Learn Sanskrit Mantras and Kirtan techniques

    • Incorporating Sound into your yoga classes

    • How to facilitate sound meditations

    • How to open your voice and find you inner strength

  • Yogic Knowledge

    • Bhakti Yoga - The yoga of devotion

    • Mantra Yoga - in Yogic philosophy mantra yoga gives us the tools to free our minds , to transcend our ego and limitations. By learning mantras and how to hold kirtan.

    • Nada Yoga

 2 Weekends in Berlin

The 35hr training culminates in the two weekends together in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

March + April 2020

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Benefits of sound and music therapy

The medical and scientific world has aslfkas

  • Part of treatment for Post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Helpful in treatment on autism and learning disorders

  • Used as neo-natal therapy

  • Improves focus and mental clarity

  • Promotes relaxation

  • Improves sleep - also a treatment for insomnia

  • Stress & pain relief

  • Helpful in treating anxiety and depression

  • Proven to lower blood pressure

  • Improves memory and certain unconscious brain functions

  • Stimulates imagination and creative processes

  • Helps in lowering cholesterol




Alisa Reimer

Yoga Teacher & meditation teacher

Alisa is trained yoga and meditation teacher, cultural scientist and artist. In Mexico she studied indigenous cultures, literature and theater; learned from different indigenous cultures, wrote as a freelance journalist for german and Mexican magazines and made her yoga teacher training. In Berlin she founded the non-profit organization YOGA FOR OTHERS e.V. to bring yoga and meditation to the people in need. In 2016 she opened the space for Soneiro Collective. Her current researches at Humboldt Uni Berlin about shamanistic and buddhistic practices she brings into the different sessions she is holding. In her work a will to create something truly mind opening brings together her diverse interests and therefore invites to experience the magical connection between art, science and consciousness.

Temple Haze

Producer, sound designer & yoga teacher

Temple is an American born singer/songwriter and composer based in Berlin. Known for his composition work and collaborations with various Berlin based artists such as Sam Shure , Narou and Oliver Koletzki , Temple also dives deep into sound design, film score composition, brainwave entrainment frequencies, meditation, pranayama breath work and ancient mantras; bringing the underground Berlin music scene and spirituality together in harmony. As co-founder and musical director of Soneiro Collective he holds space for music meditations and mantra singing circles portraying the best of his universal knowledge and empathic feeling for music. In March 2019 Temple released his Reflections EP - Listen to it HERE. You can also hear his debut EP "Anotherside" - Listen to it HERE - and check out his official website to learn more.




Katharina P.

Project Manager

I've been to many Soneiro Collective events (women's circles, yoga classes, music meditation, retreats, festival workshops) and I'm a huge fan! I recommend it to anyone who wants to escape their everyday life for a moment and is enthusiastic about a pinch of spirituality. Alisa combines practice and theory, so that even after the events you still have something of the experience for a long time. Temple is a musician through and through, has a fantastic voice and enriches the events with his musical talent! Soneiro always comes up with new concepts, so that you always experience something new - just like a short holiday!

Jil Z.

Blogger (@jiliciousjourney)

Alisa and Temple created such a unique and holistic program consisting of different yoga styles and techniques, pranayama, music, shamanic rites, lots of knowledge and ancient wisdom, meditation, sharing circles, sound healing, movement,... Its remarkable how Alisa manages to combine all these different influences and techniques in such a pure and authentic way to a diverse yet homogenous offering that enabled literally anyone in the group to dive deep and open up beautifully ♥️

I am still enchanted by these days of magic.


Robert K.

Entrepreneur & Sound Designer

The perfect combination of theory and practice in spirituality. With her almost inexhaustible wealth of knowledge and experience, Alisa is able to clearly and unambiguously establish practical references from the (for some) distant world of spiritual science. Together with her team, she lovingly creates her workshops, creating unique journeys that I will always remember. The special combination of the healing elements of sound, smell and colours are used in a well thought-out, almost magical way.

My recommendation next to the specially worked out retreats are the sound meditations! The musical journeys are really outstandingly creatively worked out and the best I have experienced in sound meditation. Especially recommendable for beginners.

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