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Soneiro September Retreat

Yoga - Meditation - Personal Development - Sound - Organic Food

September 18 - 22 , 2019

Take a glimpse into the Soneiro Retreat Experience...

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In September we Journey to a historic water mill situated in a protected nature reserve, providing all the comfort and space for you to feel at home and for us to create an in depth experience. As always we are creating an immersive retreat program that invites beginners and advanced yoga and meditation students alike. Sound. Yoga. Silence. Meditation. Philosophy and vegetarian/vegan cuisine are just the basics to count on for this experience. Also find information about the program, fotos of the location and past retreats and the booking process below. Do not hesitate to contact us.

For this retreat we will offer regional and certified organic vegan and vegetarian food; a majority of the food is sourced from the bio-dynamic garden on the retreat location!

We are happy to have you with us***


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  • 5 days / 4 nights

  • Immersive program including yoga, meditation, sound, live music, philosophy and circles

  • Experienced team of 4 people (we are holding for over 4 years international retreats together)

  • The mill is located in a protected biosphere, enjoy the pure nature

  • The mill was originally built in 1375, stay in a place of History

  • Double and group rooms for 3 people (first come, first serve), single rooms on availability

  • Organic vegetarian and vegan cuisine

  • Spacious yogastudio with all props included

  • Peace and quiet in natures embrace



For our Retreats we assemble a full Soneiro Team to bring Yoga, Meditation, Sharing Circles, Theory, Music Meditation, Mantra Singing and other musical sessions. We will enjoy the beauty of autumns glow – comfortably enjoying the fresh air and time to slow down and process. We will fly in our magical instruments and create one of a kind spaces to learn, explore and gather in our yoga studio. We also provide workshop material that you can take home with you (for example, documents from our theory circles). 

At night our sound meditations happen inside in the beautiful yoga space with an old oven keeping us warm. 

  • Check-In: Wednesday, 3pm

  • Check-out: Sunday, 2pm




15:00 - Check in

17:00 - Yin Yoga + Sound

19:00 - Dinner

20:30 - Opening Circle


8:15  - Morning wake up smoothie

8:30  - Vinyasa Yoga Workshop

10:30 - Breakfast

14.30 - Lunch

17:00 - Opening the Heart Yoga + Meditation

19:00 - Dinner

20:30 - Workshop on Values


8:15  - Morning wake up smoothie

8:30 -  Vinyasa Yoga Workshop

10:30 - Breakfast

14:30 - Lunch

16:00 - *Optional* - Open Your Voice Singing Workshop

19:00 - Dinner

20:30 - Temple´s kitchen concert


8:15  - Morning wake up smoothie

8:30 -  Vinyasa Yoga Workshop

10:30 - Breakfast

14:30 - Lunch

17:00 - Satsang (Philosophy and Sharing Circle)

19:00 - Dinner

20:30 - Mantra Singing & Meditation


8:15  - Morning wake up smoothie

8:30 -  Vinyasa Yoga Workshop

10:30 - Breakfast

12:30 - Closing Circle

* Program subject to Change




This historic mill is situated in a protected Nature Reserve about 90km from Berlin. The newly restored seminar house and surrounding grounds provide the space to unwind and come back to nature. The house features a sauna, fireplaces, fruit, berry and vegetable gardens (with beekeeping), lots of nature to be explored which guarantees a lot of space and comfort during our week.


Enjoy comfortable Double and Group Rooms

The custom built sauna wagon on location

This is a former circus caravan that has been transformed into a cosy sauna caravan. For our #soneiroretreat in September there will be the opportunity to experience this magical sauna wagon yourself. Sauna is such a healing practice for both body and mind and is completely in line with the intention of this retreat: letting go, integrating the experiences of the summer, arriving and consciously enjoying. Looking into the untouched nature behind the sauna wagon, not only the body but also the field of vision is touched, purified and inspired.


The serene feeling of being in a nature reserve

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open and spacious yoga and meditation room



Fresh, Organic & Wholesome

Using regional and organic ingredients, our nutritionists are creating fresh vegetarian and vegan meals every day. Our retreat location has its own organic-biodynamic farm on location, source most of their ingredients there and 100% of the food is certified organic.
If you have any allergies or dietary wishes you can let us know when you book your space.

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Robert K.

Entrepreneur & Sound Designer

“The perfect combination of theory and practice in spirituality. With her almost inexhaustible wealth of knowledge and experience, Alisa is able to clearly and unambiguously establish practical references from the (for some) distant world of spiritual science. Together with her team, she lovingly creates her workshops, creating unique journeys that I will always remember. The special combination of the healing elements of sound, smell and colours are used in a well thought-out, almost magical way. ”

Jil 1.jpeg

Jil z.


“ I was at their Baltic Sea retreat in August 2018 and it was so so beautiful… Alisa and Temple created such a unique and holistic program consisting of different yoga styles and techniques, pranayama, music, shamanic rites, lots of knowledge and ancient wisdom, meditation, sharing circles, sound healing, movement.

Wow. I’m so grateful and moved by all the beauty and healing I’ve witnessed, for the devotion I saw and felt myself, the alignment, the connection, the conversations, the bliss after our morning practices, the love that was flowing around.

I support them because I know how valuable and important these techniques and experiences are “

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Project Manager

“I've been to many Soneiro Collective events (women's circles, yoga classes, music meditation, retreats, festival workshops) and I'm a huge fan! I recommend it to anyone who wants to escape their everyday life for a moment and is enthusiastic about a pinch of spirituality. Alisa combines practice and theory, so that even after the events you still have something of the experience for a long time. Temple is a musician through and through, has a fantastic voice and enriches the events with his musical talent! Soneiro always comes up with new concepts, so that you always experience something new - just like a short holiday"

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We hold our reatreats with a very experienced team of three to four members, including

Alisa (Yoga and Meditation Instructor), Temple (Musical Director), Jana (Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Pracititioner), a Nutritionist and our lovely assistants.

We are a team of experts in our fields, which is why we bring substantiated depth, academic knowledge, and a precious treasure trove of experience and artistic aesthetic in each detail of the retreat.


Alisa is trained yoga and meditation teacher, cultural scientist and artist. In Mexico she studied indigenous cultures, literature and theater; learned from different indigenous cultures, wrote as a freelance journalist for German and Mexican magazines and made her yoga teacher training. In Berlin she founded the non-profit organization YOGA FOR OTHERS e.V. to bring yoga and meditation to the people in need. In 2016 she opened the space for Soneiro Collective. Her current researches at Humboldt Uni Berlin about shamanistic and buddhistic practices she brings into the different sessions she is holding. In her work a will to create something truly mind opening brings together her diverse interests and therefore invites to experience the magical connection between art, science and consciousness.


Temple is an American born singer/songwriter and composer based in Berlin. Though he is best known for his collaborations with Trip-Hop Collective BAKERY and as a featured vocalist with NAROU and SAM SHURE, Temple also dives deep into sound design, film score composition, brainwave entrainment frequencies, and ancient mantras bringing the underground Berlin music scene and spirituality together in harmony. As co-founder and musical director of Soneiro Collective he holds space for music meditations and mantra singing circles portraying the best of his universal knowledge and empathic feeling for music. He released his debut solo EP "Anotherside" in 2018 - Listen to it HERE - and check out his official website


Jana has practiced with passion on the mat for 20 years and teaches Vinyasa, Yin and Hatha Yoga in Potsdam. In recent years, Jana has devoted herself intensively into ayurvedic healing practices, and the soothing properties of Ayurvedic oil massage. She has been involved since the first retreat, supporting at festivals, workshops and an always essential part of the team. Read more about her HERE



The retreat fee includes accommodation, program, workshop material and vegetarian/vegan cuisine.  We provide yoga mats, blankets and meditation props. Transport is not included. The normal price is for a 3er room (3 Beds - men and women separate). For an additional price of 40€ per person you can book a double room, and for 100€ you can book a single room (subject to availability). Please be aware that we can just respect your room wish with the given availability. First come, first serve. We can´t guarantee single rooms, just in case a room stays free, we can provide that (will announce that one week before the retreat).

Room and board depending on room choice from 550€ (accommodation incl. 3 meals a day).
Seminar Fee 300€.

  • Normal Retreat Fee: 850€

  • Double Room: + 40€

Please read the AGB’s below BEFORE booking*


Our retreats fill up quick so do not hesitate to contact us if you want to journey with us. You can leave your data in the form below. If you are interested we will send you all the necessary information about the retreat, prices, conditions etc. Please fill in the form below to get in Contact with us. We are excited to meet you!

For your Booking you will receive a simple application form that you send back and as soon as your deposit (min. 50 % of the fee) is done, your spot is safe. Before each retreat we are sending out a sheet with all the necessary information.


We look forward to hearing from you!



Our participants are organising their transport by themselves, however we are always giving the opportunity to the participants to connect before the retreat, so you can easily find a travel partner- by car or public transport. After your booking you will receive the retreat location address and travel information (for public transport etc.).


Seminarhaus Breitenteicher Mühle
Breitenteicher Mühle 2
16278 Frauenhagen

Closest train station: Angermünde
From Berlin = 1:30hrs by Car, 2:30hrs with Public Transport

Have Questions?

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