Ra Ma Da Sa : Behind the Music

Photo by Laura Wencker | Color Correction by Caroline Mackintosh | Text by Julian Dieckert | Design by Soneiro Collective

Photo by Laura Wencker | Color Correction by Caroline Mackintosh | Text by Julian Dieckert | Design by Soneiro Collective


Released on Friday, September 10th, 2019

About the Song

Ra Ma Da Sa is also known as the Siri Gaitri mantra, a kundalini yoga mantra that is said to be one of the most powerful mantras we know of. Yogi Bhajan said this mantra offers radiant energy and self-healing to those who sing it.


Ra = the sun : connecting with the frequency of energy and light.

Ma = the moon : becoming receptive, opening.

Da = the Earth : Rooting and grounding.

Sa = Infinity : rising upwards and outwards drawing in the healing energy of the Universe.

When you chant Sa a second time, you pull the energy of Infinity into you.

Say is a way of honoring the all-encompassing Thou. It is personal,
like a secret name for God.

So is the vibrating energy of merging - the different worlds coming together.

Hung = the vibrating real : Calling on the essence of creation.


Behind the Music

An introduction

Ra Ma Da Sa is one of our favourite mantras, such a peaceful yet powerful mantra; one we have always been singing it in our mantra singing circles. The chord progression was originally brought to us by Gerdus Oosthuizen, one of our key team musicians, whose melody and chord structure shaped the song.

How it all began

Gerdus and Temple met on a warm summer afternoon to put together the first draft of what would become an adventure of a production. Using classical Spanish guitars, djembe’s and a sub bass synth, they carved the first notches into the song, slowly building the vessel. Alisa had some key ideas to create a sporadic beat with the djembe’s, which gives Ra Ma Da Sa it’s special rhythmic flair. Temple then spent hours in his home studio building harmonies, tightening the beat, adding shakers, bass guitar and so on; fleshing out the song. The mantra then took on a life of it’s own, becoming larger and larger, as if it wanted to become a ship you could sail away on.

Creating with the feminine

The time came to add the feminin to the song, to balance the energy of the mantra. Alisa and Caroline Mackintosh provided strong feminine vocals into the chorus. We then invited our good friend Jördis Brankatschk to add a beautiful alto voice and ad-libs. We had the pleasure of recording Jessica Jorgas (from Gretchens Antwort) whose soprano, operatic voice brought Ra Ma Da Sa into a truly etherial place (Funnily, Temple always said she brought the mermaid energy into the track).

The art comes to life

To top it off Temple put in lots of work to carve and shape the mantra in to what you hear today. The final pieces of the puzzle were electric guitar (played by temple) and shamanic flute (played by Gerdus), bringing the spiritual and the rock n’ roll together in an unexpected fusion!

The journey of this song, from its roots to the final edition, is a story of collaboration. From humble beginnings to somewhat of an operatic dramaturgy, the mantra created a life of it’s own.

We hope you enjoy our version of Ra Ma Da Sa - We spent over 8 months piecing this one together and are very grateful for all those who helped us on the way!

Below you will find quotes from the musicians behind the production.



Temple Haze

Producer and Composer

“It all started as a simple idea, I never thought it would become the epic that it turned into. But that’s the beauty of letting music flow, if you let the ideas and spontaneity guide you, the song takes on a life of its own. My goal was to create a production that brought together an organic and grounded approach with electronics and modern technology.“

Jördis Brankatschk


“Das Ra Ma Da SA Mantra bedeutet für mich Transformation. Mit diesem Mantra konnte ich meine eigene Energie, mein Universum und das damit verbundene Potenzial in mir wieder finden und leben lernen.”

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Jessica Jorgas_Andreas Krause.jpg

Jessica Jorgas


“This mantra with its beautiful open vowels is like a soothing balm for my voice and soul. It vibrates through the whole body, healing from both within and outside. What I especially love about Soneiro’s version is its richness, its full and warm musically and tonally.“

Alisa Reimer


“The past two years I was (especially in academic fields) researching about the connection between humans and the moon. I love that this mantra brings together the earth´s and the celestial energy. Singing it I imagine to be a channel for both energies, I feel empowered by this mantra and am thankful for this incredible musical production.“

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Gerdus Oosthuizen

Composer and Singer

“Said to be one of the most healing mantras on the planet, when I sing this I feel the layers of identification with the physical world melt away and I am transported to a place where all is love and compassion.“

Caroline Mackintosh


“Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung is one of my favourite mantras. It’s so gentle and really carries you as if you are floating down a river of sound. The mantra speaks to us; that we are not so separate from our surroundings and each other. When I sing it and allow my voice to flow freely, I am reminded to treat both myself, nature and everyone around me with respect and love.“

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*This song is a traditional, Sanskrit mantra. We would like give thanks to the elders who first created it and are blessed to be allowed to create our own version of the sacred mantra. This is of course our own interpretation of the original mantra.

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