Private Sessions

Join the Co Founders, Alisa and Temple, for private sessions.


PRIVATE SESSION (one to one)
With Alisa portuoNdo

As a yoga and meditation teacher, artist, and cultural scientist, Alisa aims to transfer academic and spiritual knowledge into ritualistic realms that invite people of all backgrounds to experience the connection between art, science, and consciousness.

The Tarot was Alisas initial medium into self-­discovering spirituality in early childhood. Alisa uses the Tarot as a mirror, creating insights into the hidden aspects that lie within life’s obstacles and opportunities. This means that it does not contain divinatory elements (no future prognosis). Each session ends with a personalised ritual through which one can manifest the insights from the Tarot into a meaningful daily practice. Each session is individual and incorporates guided meditation, sound or energetic work, depending the situation.

Come with a specific question or just be open to receive.


Private sound journey
with temple haze

Center in with grounding binaural beats, drift away with soothing vocals, brainwave entrainment frequencies and a plethora of live sounds to guide you into sonic spaces. Each session is a deep experience for you to dive into - a combination of a private concert, ambient soundscape and sound journey.

Temple has 8 years of experience in creating and producing sound experiences, from ambient soundscapes and deep psychedelic compositions to sound design and film music. With Soneiro Collective he has held space for many ceremonies and sonically guided many journeys over the past 3 years. For information on the sessions inquire below.