Mantra Singing Circle

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interactive kirtan with the soneiro band

Normal Price - 30€

We then cordially invite you to journey with us on our newest interactive workshop - creating sacred space through Mantra singing. We open our voices and resonate with one another via ancient Sanskrit mantras guided by our Soneiro Collective band featuring guitar, shruti box, drums, shakers, energy and movement. 

The session runs about two hours. We will speak about the philosophy, meaning and intention of each Mantra.

Water, Tea, Blankets and Yoga Mats are all provided at the venue. Bring comfortable clothing and your open smile
Music & Guidance:
Soneiro Band ( )
Temple Haze ( ) 
Alisa Portuondo ( )
Gerdus Oosthuizen (
Caroline Mackintosh (

*Doors open: 7.45 pm
*Starts: 8.15 
*Duration: 2 hr (incl. teatime)