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Berlin workshop Series


Interactive Workshops. Yoga. Meditation. Sound.


The Soneiro lab is a weekend workshop series taking place in Berlin that concentrates on the transformative aspects of art and consciousness, and the connections between them.

These gatherings do not aim to find static answers to complex questions, but rather explore the depth of the unique process each of us is in. We give space to a multidisciplinary search of artistic self expression, and personal development.

Each lab is dedicated to a specific topic. We will dive deep into these topics learning both practical and theoretical knowledge, along with the practice of yoga and meditation.


The Lab

NOVEmber 2 - 3


December 28 - 29






9.00      Yoga Workshop
12.00    Lunch Break
15.00    Module 1
17.00    Music Meditation or Extended Module
- Ending at 19/19:30 -


9.00     Yoga / Movement Workshop
12.00   Lunch Break
14.00   Module 2
16.00 Closing
- Ending at 17:00 -

*Modules are specified for each Laboratory (find the topics below)

*The 2 Hour lunch break gives you time to eat in the neighbourhood and explore Wrangler Kiez

*Program subject to change

What to Expect

  • Guided self practice (Preparatory tasks before the weekend, during, and after for integration)

  • Meeting other creative minds

  • Interactive Workshops

  • 2 hrs of Yoga per day

  • Evening Program


What is Included

  • Full Weekend Seminar

  • Workshop material

  • Yoga Mats, Blankets and Meditation Pillows

  • Tea, Fruit & Snacks

What is Not Included

  • Transportation

  • Lodging

  • Meals (Other than the Vegan Dinner and snacks)



NOVember 2 - 3

Sound . resonance . philosophy

This Laboratory explores hearing and the perception of the “sonic world”, human resonance and the effect of sound on the mind/body. This seminar is envisioned for people who aim to go deeper into music, composition, bhakti yoga, sound healing, singing and human resonance, sound journeys and ceremonies.

Module 1 - The World is Sound Part - An exploration into the “sonic world” - Understanding the Sound Ceremony

Module 2 - Vocal Workshop & Mantra Singing Circle / Kirtan


What Will I Learn at the Mantra - Music Laboratory?

  • How to play singing bowls correctly

  • Basics on how to play a Gong

  • Basics on how to play Hand Pan, Sansula and other pentatonic instruments

  • Theories on Resonance and Frequency - How sound effects our Mind-Body connection

  • Gain confidence in your Voice

  • Learn the Melodies of at least 3 Mantras

  • Basics on how the music of a Sound Ceremony is created


December 28 - 29

Yoga . Rhythm . Body

This Laboratory explores the mind-body-spirit connection and how we move. This seminar is envisioned for people who aim to go deeper into vinyasa, yin + yang and kundalini yoga, dance, movement techniques, physical therapy, etc.

Module 1 - Yogic Philosophy

Module 2 - Fasci(a)nation. Myofascial Body Painting and Movement. 


What Will I Learn at the Mundra - Movement Laboratory?

  • Different Movement theories (yoga, meditative movement, etc.)

  • Gain a deeper Yoga practice

  • Learn new Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Sequences

  • Yogic Philosophy

  • Exploring the Mind - Body Connection


The Location

Our unique location is centred in the heart of Kreuzberg in a serene and quiet corner of the “Kiez“, perfectly suited for workshops, meditation, and yoga. Featuring a large workshop room, a meditation room and a lounge. We will provide you with tea, snacks and fruit.

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Laboratory Fee



149€ per person - Early Bird Fee

189€ per person - Normal Fee


Logistical Information

  • The Laboratory takes place in a unique space in Kreuzberg.

  • If you are coming from out of town we recommend you to find lodging near Görlitzer Bahnhof and Schlesisches Tor.

  • There are many great restaurants in the neighbourhood for lunch break.

  • Nearest Airports are Berlin Tegel and Schönefeld Airports


If you need help finding accommodation please contact us

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