Soneiro Gutschein

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The Gift of meditation

For the News Year´s Meditations we are offering a special Gift Card so you can give one or both of the meditations as a present to somebody (maybe this is yourself?). Contact us to order a gift card (each one will be personalised). 

These can be used for our New Years Sound Ceremonies
December 29th - Music Meditation: Intention Setting for 2019 @ Yoga Sky Berlin
December 30th - Intention Setting Music Meditation and Piano Concert @ Secret Location

Inquire below about purchasing a Gutshein.
Physical Gutschein - A personalised card (Must be picked up in Berlin).
Digital Gutschein - Receive a beautiful personalised PDF to print out at home.

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Physical or Digital? *
Would you like to receive a Digital coupon or a Physical one (note: for a physical gutschein we must meet in person in Berlin)
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